POST YORK, a graphic novel by James Romberger

Availble on Amazon or find it at your local comic store

Post York casts deep human drama against an epic canvas with wonderful artwork by James Romberger. Highly recommended.

Jeff Lemire, writer of Sweet Tooth, Black Hammer and Old Man Logan

Post York is a set of three alluvial nightmares that talk about what small changes can do in the New York we are heading to all too quickly. 

Samuel R. Delany, author of Dhalgren and Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders

Told in a brutal use of light and shadow, this desolate tale of post-apocalypse sucker-punches you with…of all things…hope.

Matt Kindt, author of Mind Mgmt, BRZRKR and Grass Kings

It shouldn't be this rare to see sequential art be so precise and open-hearted at the same time. We also shouldn't be seeing this world burn and drown, but here we are.

Ales Kot, writer of Zero, Winter Soldier and Material

In comic shops on March 10th

In bookstores on March 16th

Cover of Post York a graphic novel by James Romberger from B