"Post York is a set of three alluvial nightmares that talk about what small changes can do in the New York we are heading to all too quickly. It makes one aspect of climate change distressingly real, and after four years with no mention of it from [45], it’s good to see a fine artist drawing about it seriously."

-Samuel R. Delany, author of Dhalgren and Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders


"(Post York is) beautiful on multiple levels. It shouldn't be this rare to see sequential art be so precise and open-hearted at the same time. We also shouldn't be seeing this world burn and drown, but here we are."

-Ales Kot, writer of Zero, Winter Soldier and Material


“Told in a brutal use of light and shadow, this desolate tale of post-apocalypse sucker-punches you with…of all things…hope.”

-Matt Kindt, author of Mind Mgmt and Grass Kings


" Post York casts deep human drama against an epic canvas with wonderful artwork by James Romberger. Highy recommended."

-Jeff Lemire, writer of Sweet Tooth, Black Hammer and Old Man Logan


“(In Post York,) Romberger seems interested in how small actions can lead to larger events in a frequently deadly chain, perhaps a reduction of how the world got to be destroyed…an interesting and even brave approach to storytelling.”

-Rob Clough, High/Low


"'Post York'...offers a vision of a very changed city where life can be cruel and tenuous but also offers infinite possibilities of joys and transcendence."

-Alex Dueben, Comic Book Resources


"(Romberger's) stark black and white drawings render the future with bleakness that’s strangely coupled with a scrappy quality that exudes a sense of discovery...(Crosby's) flexi-disc...serves as both a prelude and soundtrack that heightens the reading experience and adds an audio urgency to the story."

-John Seven, Grawlix and Briffits


"Whenever James Romberger produces comic work it’s a rare treat...the level of panel-to-panel storytelling is just of the tale’s greatest strengths is just how closely a reader will be drawn to analyze each frame, inspecting the small environmental details and subtle facial acting...(...) Crosby contributes a pretty bad ass hip hop tune that...creates a unique experience."

-Kris Johnson, Geek Hard


"...the seemingly effortless, skritch-scratchy hand of Romberger makes (Post York) appear alive and hauntingly beautiful. His kinetic brush strokes and heavy use of black recall both Kirby and classic adventure comics....Crosby's music adds to the narrative and feeling...."

-Jess Worby, The Rumpus


" of the best small press books I read this year. Post York is an utterly recommendable work. Grade A."

-Justin Giampaoli, Thirteen Minutes