The Devil's Stones


I did the final touches on Post York while quarantining in Connecticut. A prominent feature of the scenery is the miles upon miles of stone fences, put up by God knows who, though their source is said to be The Devil, who reportedly just keeps on pushing rocks and boulders up out of the ground, necessitating a lot of piling. 

Stone fences in Connecticut by James Romberger


Whoever did it must have been piling for a long damned time, given the magnitude of the fencing. The walls serve several functions, aesthetic as neatly done decorations and functional as solid borderlines, and also for defense: one imagines seditious settlers hunkered behind them, muskets primed.

Stone fences in Connecticut by James Romberger


These barriers weave over the same landscape that is so beautifully drawn by the brilliant late brush and ink masters of the 1970s, Berni(e) Wrightson and Jeffrey (Catherine) Jones for their comics. Dense, shadowy stands of trees covered with green lichens and suckers, many of them fallen and skeletal in a sea of dead leaves, and shot through with dappled sunlight.

Bernie Wrightson & Jeff Jones pages

Their works fired my childhood and now have inspired my transition in inking Post York from relying exclusively on a pen to using a brush, a shift I should have made years ago---it enables much more expressivity,  freedom and (literally) fluidity.